Intensieve cursus Thaise massage niveau 1

Duur                          30 uren verdeeld in 5 dagen               
Tijden                        09.00 - 16.00
Lokatie                      Rolderstraat 9, Assen
Kosten                       € 525,-  ( Informatie over de prijzen van de privecursussen in 2020 kunt u vinden op: tarieven cursussen )

• Cursusboek met foto's en uitleg
• Examens (theorie en praktijk)
• Inclusief diploma

Na afloop van de cursus wordt er een Thaise diploma uitgereikt van de T.M.C. school Chiang Mai in Thailand.
Diploma's worden enkel uitgereikt bij het slagen voor het theoretische en praktische examen. Volledige aanwezigheid tijdens de cursus is vereist.

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Het werkboek wordt uitgegeven in de volgende talen: Thais, Chinees, Japans, Frans, Duits , Russisch en Nederlands.

The books are also available in Thai, Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Dutch and Russia.
Student practice with teacher's closed supervision. According to TMC systematic teaching process, students can learn and absorb all 160 positions—a full body massage session in 5 day learning.
Teacher speaks also English ,Spanish and Indonesian.


Course Content Level I: Foundation of Thai Massage

Day 1
Yogi Exercise, Hand-Knee exercise, meditation.
Introduction: Hand and sitting position in Thai Massage.
Lesson 1: Head massage demonstration / practice
Lesson 2: Neck massage demonstration / practice
Lesson 3: Shoulder massage demonstration / practice
Practice lesson 1-3
Lesson 4: Face massage demonstration & practice / practice
Lunch and rest
Lesson 5: Back massage on side lying position demonstration / practice.
Break for tea
Review Lesson 1,2,3 / spot check to improve technique lesson 1,2,3.

Day 2
Lecture on General Knowledge of Thai Massage.
Hand-Knee exercise, meditation.
Lesson 6: Back massage face down position demonstration.
Lunch and rest
Practice Lesson 6: Back massage face down position. 
Lesson 7: Arm massage demonstration / practice.
Break for tea
Continue Lesson 7: Arm massage / practice.
Review Lesson 6 and Lesson 7.
Pressure check with teacher for effective massage.

Day 3
Yogi Exercise, Hand-Knee exercise, meditation.
Lesson 8: Abdominal massage demonstration / practice.
Lesson 9: Leg massage demonstration /practice.
Lunch and rest
Continue Lesson 9: Leg massage demonstration / practice.
Break for tea
Review Lesson 9 leg massage / spot check and pressure check.

Day 4
Yogi Exercise, Hand-Knee exercise, meditation.
Lesson 10: Body stretching demonstration/ practice.
Lesson 11: Conclusion demonstration /practice.
Lunch and rest
Demonstration of whole Body Massage.
Break for tea
Practice according to students’ need to cover any lessons.

Day 5
Yogi Exercise, Hand-Knee exercise, meditation.

Multiple choice test.

Students perform whole body Thai massage.
1: Massages head (Lesson 1), neck (Lesson 2), shoulder (Lesson 3), face   
(Lesson 4) and back side lying (Lesson 5) and switch.
2: Massages (Lesson 6) 5 techniques and switch.
Lunch and rest
1: Massage technique 6 back facedown (Lesson 6) and switch.
2: Massages arm (Lesson 7), abdomen (Lesson 8), and 1 leg (Lesson 9) and 
Break for tea
3: Massages body stretching (Lesson 10) and closing (Lesson 11) and switch.

Practical test is a part of an on-going evaluation by the teacher during practical training of each lesson, correction are made along the training to assist student until able to perform each position adequately.                                                      

Completion of Level I course.